Happy Friday

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Happy Friday Everyone!
Wow. Another week has flown by. Can you believe we only have less than 2 weeks left this month? Soon Spring will be here. I don't know about you  but I am ready for a new season. But for now, let's enjoy this weekend first :) 
I have lots planned, just like what I wrote in my earlier post(s). I am going to a vintage-buying trip this weekend. I hope to find lots of goodies for my vintage shop. If you love vintage jewelries, get ready for new listings on my Etsy vintage shop this weekend. I am going to have a handful listed everyday starting tomorrow.

Sewing Expo is coming to Lakeland, FL next weekend (Thursday thru Saturday). I was planning on going but as of right now, it doesn't look like I will be going. I have been going for the last 3 years ... I believe. Fun stuff. Loved going to that event. I still very much would like to go, so we'll see. Perhaps I'll decide on last minute---I'm notorious on this! If I don't go, I'll stay home and take care of my little shops.

Have a great weekend friends!


Lovely Thursday

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 Happy Thursday everyone!
We are officially one day closer to the weekend! Hope you are all as excited as I am. 
It surely is going to be a busy weekend for me with lots planned for my little shops. It is a vintage buying weekend for me, so that means I get to travel places to find vintage for my Etsy shop. Perhaps one day I'd get to travel all over the world to do that but for now, I am going to travel to nearby places to find treasures! It's still fun though. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do! I love, love, love vintaging. I have vintage things all over my house. My little daughter is starting to love vintage as well, especially vintage jewelries. She loves to wear mine around the house. Precious. 
Overall, I am just so very excited for the weekend. Do you have anything lovely planned for this weekend?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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I just want to wish everyone a happy and lovely Valentine's Day!
May you find lots of love and happiness to give and to share today and always.



letting go

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 On Saturday, I had to do one of the most difficult things I ever had to do: letting go my oldest furbaby, Charlie. He had kidney failure and was dying. It hurt to see him suffer. He didn't want to eat for days, could barely move, and lost so much of his weight that on his last day, he only weighed 26 lbs.

I had taken him to our regular vet before and they had informed me of the internal organ failure. His condition worsen within couple of weeks. On Saturday, I took him to a different animal hospital since our regular vet wasn't open. The vet ran a blood test and informed me that Charlie was actually on his way passing. There was very little they could do to keep him alive.

I made the decision to send my furbaby to heaven. I didn't want to see him suffering. I chose to be present when the vet administered the drug. They gave me time to say goodbye to Charlie. I hugged and gave him kisses. I thanked him for sharing his life with us and giving us joy throughout the last few years. I thanked him for being a good doggie.I asked him to wait for me in heaven.  

Charlie passed away in my arms that Saturday afternoon. My heart ached. But I knew that I had set him free to a better place that was awaiting for him.

Good bye my Charlie. Forever you'll hold that special place in my heart. Wait for me in heaven. One day, we'll be a family again.


Hello Friday!

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from this lovely Etsy shop

Happy Friday everyone!
So glad the day is here. Things have been good in my little family's life for the most part but for the last month or so, some of my furbabies haven't been doing that great :/ Chewy, the wire-haired chihuahua, had to get surgery done 2 weekends ago. Then I found out Peanut, my oldest chihuahua, has cancer, while Charlie, my oldest Black Lab, is having internal organ problems. *Sigh

Last night I thought for sure was Charlie's last night with us. I was so sad. I sat next to him until he went to sleep. In the morning, he looked pretty weak. Poor Charlie. I have a feeling his time is coming soon :/
I have prayed to the Lord to give Charlie peace and comfort. If it is his time to go, I will let him go. I don't like seeing him suffering.

I have talked to the vet about Peanut and have decided that we're going to do a surgery to remove the  cancer mass on Peanut's neck and back leg. We're going to do it on the first week of March. Pray for him please.

Both Peanut and Charlie are my oldest furbabies. They have been the best furry friends ever. There will never be another one like them. When they go, I will miss them forever but I know that they'll wait for me in heaven. When I die, I want to be burried with a bag of doggie treat because I know I'll see my furry friends again up there and they'll want me to give them treats!


hello happiness!

Happy Thursday Friends!
This week has truly flown by. So excited the weekend is almost here. Little Miss and I don't have much planned. We'd love to do some vintaging on Saturday morning after our sweet breakfast. Then I'll be pretty busy organizing my Etsy shops. The vintage shop was just reopened yesterday (yay!). I have LOTS of inventories I need to photograph and to list.

My baby shop will be back in business around March or early April. So very excited. LOTS I have to plan for that shop! Hopefully I'll manage to get some stuff done while Little Miss is taking her afternoon naps.

The house could use a little cleaning and organizing this weekend. I will be using the "family room" as my office until my official office room is completed! The family room is quite large so it will do just fine. I am actually excited. I already have a huge desk in there where I will do my "office" works from. The dining room will be my unofficial sewing room for now. There is a huge, gorgeous, vintage dining table in there where my sewing machine is going to perch on. There is enough room in the dining room to cut and assemble fabrics together. I am keeping all my fabrics upstairs; however.

All this work talk is so exhilirating for me. Finally after months, I am able to seriously thinking about my shops again. I could always use the extra income :) And those are the things I absolutely enjoy doing, though I have the best day job ever now! (honest!). I just find it so nice that my day job is so stress-free that it is not draining my crafty brain. I love it.

Ok friends, I am happy today and it's a good thing!
Hope you find your happiness today as well :)


find your happiness, friends

Hi friends!
Can you believe it is Wednesday already. Wow. This week has flown by. I am excited, for the reasons I have mentioned in my earlier posts--- vintage shop has been reopened today! Yay!! high five!! There'll be more things to be listed everyday. Definitely go check it out and make sure to show some love for my vintage shop :)


shops update....

Happy Monday!
Another beautiful day today. I feel blessed and very thankful just to be alive. Lots of fun stuff are planned for this week. It's a big week for me. The vintage shop is opening this week. I am planning for this Wednesday. I'm trying to polish up few little details tonight and tomorrow then DG Vintage is back to business this Wednesday evening! Yay for me.

If you love vintage jewelries, you definitely want to check out DG Vintage. LOTS of beautiful vintage jewelries will be listed this week. As always, I keep my prices reasonable. As a single mom, I know how challenging it is sometimes to juggle budgets buying neccessities while still have extra cash to look fabulous! Don't worry friends, you'll find prices on my vintage jewelries to be very budget friendly! And since you will be buying vintage jewelries, you can almost be sure that yours is one-of-a-kind!

Another update is that I am going to put DGD shop on hold for now. Sad decision but it is for the better. I'll be reopening my baby shop, Max and Olivia, between March-April this year. After much considerations, I am planning to focus my time and energy on my vintage and baby shop at the moment. The plan is to grow Max and Olivia into a baby + mommy online boutique. And that's going to take a whole lotta work lol! I am doing everything on my own while raising a toddler, living with 6 dogs, and holding a full-time office job. So, it's going to be a crazy busy for me.

Max and Olivia will not only carry pretty little things for babies but also for mommies too! Chic diaper totes, diaper wristlets, to-go pouches, some make-up bags for pretty mommies! They would make wonderful baby shower gifts not only for the baby but for the momma too. Why not make baby and momma happy, right ^__^

So, that's all the update for you right now. See you tomorrow!


it's a new beginning...

First, let me say, Happy Weekend! 
For those of you who work Monday-Friday (like me!), I am sure you're glad the weekend is finally here. Today is going to be a good day. I have lots planned already. On my lists today:
- vintage shopping for my Etsy vintage shop
- sorting out vintage inventories
- taking pictures
- making descriptions of each item to be listed on my shop
- jotting down more plans to grow the shop

If you noticed, I own 3 Etsy shops--a vintage, pouches, and baby. In the past, I had time to manage all three---still don't know how I did that!!! Now with a toddler and life on the way, I barely have time for myself. However, I would like to earn extra money. And  I have to admit that I love selling. I enjoy sewing and crafting and vintaging. I am at my happiest when I do those things.

I've always loved collecting vintage. That's why I bought this home I am sharing with my daughter and 6 pups now---it's a vintage 1909 victorian. It's an awesome home and I plan to live in it for years and years to come. Anyways. I was battling for awhile to decide which 3 shops I should start back up first. Thought about the pouches shop but then after observing my daily activities,  it almost seems impossible to find time to sew anymore nowadays. So, I decided to reopen my vintage shop first. At least to get it going. Afterall, I love, love, love vintaging! So far, I have 60 items in my vintage shop. All those will be renewed in the next week. I will have at least 5-10 new vintage listed per day everyday for the month of February. My goal is to always have between 75 - 100 items listed on the store everyday.

The vintage shop will have few new categories--vintage linen and jewelries are some of them. The shop will have pretty much the same policy: refund for any shipping overage more than $1.
Customer service will be as stellar as usual.

My original shop, Downtown Girl Designs, will be reopened closer to April. Then the baby shop, Max and Olivia, will follow hopefully around June/July this year.

That's all the update I have for you.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


for those of you dreamers!

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Here are some questions for you:
1. What are you dreaming of today?
2. What do you dream of to become 5 years from today?
3. Do you remember what you dreamed of to become 5 years ago?
4. Are you there yet?
5. Do you promise yourself that you will achieve your dream?
6. Do you share your dream(s) with anyone else?


Welcome February!

Say hello to February :)

Can you believe we are entering the second month of the year already? I am so very excited for this new month. Here's why:
**I am reopening my vintage shop
**Valentine's Day is this month!
**Lots of plans for decorating the house with my vintage finds
**Taking a break from spending major money to fix my vintage home!
**Visiting Lakeland to go to the annual sewing expo later this month.

So, yes my vintage shop is reopening this month! Yay
I have lots of cool vintage finds to list. If you love vintage, make sure you check out my vintage shop! I plan on slowly to reopen my two other shops in March - April of this year.
Things are kinda hectic at the house now, friends, so bear with me.

Yay for Valentine's Day this month. This year, I am going to celebrate the special day with my lovely daughter, Audrey. She is my forever Valentine. Not sure of what we're going to do yet. Perhaps we'll hang some pink pom-poms in her rooms and have special dinner at home for just the two of us. Or maybe we'll watch Elmo and Strawberry Shortcake movies.

As a vintage lover, you can almost certain that I have lots of vintage finds laying all over the house. Well, yes. Sorta. Almost everything in my house is vintage. I do mix them with modern pieces, however. Perhaps I should post pictures.....mmm....

Last year, I spent lots and lots of money: buying and fixing a vintage home. I managed to find a good house for great price so I paid cash for it. But the house did require some fixes, which cost money.
This year, I would like to earn those money back. I want to prepare a brighter future for my daughter. I'd like to provide her with everything she needs. Simple as that.

Ok friends, I need to start working on my to-do list!
I'll let you know when my vintage shop is opening okay :)

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