and the winner is...

Comment number 5 from flora!!!!!
Congratulations flora.
So, flora please email me your address so I can mail the zipper clutch as soon as possible.

Make sure everyone come back here again this coming Thursday for another giveaway! Crafters will love this upcoming giveaway.

Thank you for everyone who has been participating ^_^ I appreciate it very much.


the waiting...

One of my friends just sent me a text saying that she is having her baby tonight!! Wow. I am so anxious for her lol. The waiting. Ah. I remember that time. I remember the feeling. Seven months ago. It was the moment when I knew my life would change forever. For the better. I was dying to meet my daughter. And the wait was worth it.

Audrey, mama loves you.

new month

Oh dear. It is almost September already. Three more months to Thanksgiving and four more to Christmas. I better get busy making stuff for my shops. Sales have been down due to lack of creating and listing new items.

September will be better. I promise.


giveaway of the week

As promised, here is a giveaway from me to you: a sweet zipper clutch!
The giveaway is to win this particular clutch that I handmade myself. If you want to get one now, I have a variety of them available at my Etsy shop.

This clutch measures about 9"x5.5". I use mine for everything. I take them when I need to make a quick run to the grocery; I use them to keep my colored pencils; I also keep my make-up brushes in one of them.

Ok, so here is how to enter this giveaway:
1. Leave a comment to let me know your favorite item(s) from one of my 3 Etsy shops (1 entry).
2. Become a follower (1 entry) and leave a (separate) comment telling me that you are one.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog/Facebook (1 entry) and leave a (separate) comment with link to your post.

So, you have 3 chances to win this giveaway, which is open for anyone in the world. Sweet, right?
Giveaway starts Thursday, August 26 and will be closed on Saturday, August 28 at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen at random and I will post the winner announcement sometime on Sunday, August 29.
Good luck!!



I've been busy but I want to remind you that the 2010 giveaway palooza is going to start this Thursday so make sure you come check it out. Tell all your friends about it.
Talk to you soon!



good stuff coming up

Friday, Friday! Yay.
So excited for this weekend. Lots of fun stuff to do. But first off, I want to mention some plans I have in mind.

First, through end of 2010, I will be hosting a weekly (yes! weekly) giveaway on this blog starting, Thursday, August 26, which is next week. I'll be giving away anything from item(s) from my shops to books to stash of fabrics to whatever I feel like giving away that week. Should be fun. I am excited and you should too! Giveaways will be open to everyone in the world. So make sure you mark your calendar!

Next is my plan to create a weekly sewing project. This is more like a personal thing I guess but I figured it doesn't hurt to post my project on my blog. I am thinking of making one new (personal) bag each week for a year. Maybe I should call it "52 Bags Project"? Or just "52 Bags". If you have any suggestions, leave a comment, please. I'd love to hear any suggestions from you.

And another one of my plans is to do a weekly post highlighting my favorite fellow Etsy sellers. Should be another fun thing to read. We can always learn from each other, right?

So that's all my plans for now. I am pretty excited. On another note, I am looking to hire someone to design 2 logos for my shops. If you are a graphic designer and would like to offer your service to me, send me a message with your price list and link to your portfolios.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you day is just lovely.


7 months old....

My darling baby Audrey is 7 months old today. Oh how time flies. I cannot believe it.
But for now, I'm enjoying every second I spend with her.

Happy 7th month old baby Audrey!!


i heart etsy

Ahhhh.....Etsy.... who doesn't love Etsy.
Etsy is a revolution. I believe it is one the major driver for the (handmade) craft movement in this country. I remember I was already sewing when I opened my first Etsy shop. But at that time I didn't think I'd have the nerve to sell my sewing items on the site. I eventually braved myself making few things and listed them on my shop. And when they sold, I knew I wanted to sew more.

One of the many things I enjoy reading on etsy is their "Quit Your Day Job" article that is featured on their blog once a week. Every Monday afternoon, I look forward to reading the story. Each story gives me a boost. A punch. A confidence. A leap of joy. It never fails me. Each story is unique. Each story is so inspiring. I have huge admiration to each seller who has been featured. These are crafters who work so hard to make it happen. Each time I read the story, I secretly cheer for them. With determination, I tell myself, one day, I will get there. And who knows, Etsy might feature me!


evening stroll at the park

We love our city's parks. A weekend back, we spent an early evening strolling Memorial Park in Riverside and despite the warm weather, we still had fun. Audrey has always enjoyed being outside so she was all smiles when we took her to the park. She even loved watching the river with her daddy. I know this almost feels like a year away but I am so looking forward to Springtime next year. I expect Audrey to be able to walk by then and I cannot wait to take her to the park to have a simple but nice picnic. I might invite my good friends with babies same age as Audrey to join us. Now would that be fun? Life is sweeter when we share all the good things with others.

I love this picture of her looking all happy with excitement!

The man with 2 macaw birds. Aren't those birds pretty? They can't really fly far since their feathers are trimmed, said the man. One of the birds is 8 years old and the other is 13. He said that they live up to 28 years!!! Makes me feel better about owning dogs.

Today is Sunday and looking at these pictures make me want to take another stroll to the park later. Temperature outside is way too high right now plus I have some cooking and baking need to do while the baby is napping.

Hope your Sunday is fabulous!!