it's a new beginning...

First, let me say, Happy Weekend! 
For those of you who work Monday-Friday (like me!), I am sure you're glad the weekend is finally here. Today is going to be a good day. I have lots planned already. On my lists today:
- vintage shopping for my Etsy vintage shop
- sorting out vintage inventories
- taking pictures
- making descriptions of each item to be listed on my shop
- jotting down more plans to grow the shop

If you noticed, I own 3 Etsy shops--a vintage, pouches, and baby. In the past, I had time to manage all three---still don't know how I did that!!! Now with a toddler and life on the way, I barely have time for myself. However, I would like to earn extra money. And  I have to admit that I love selling. I enjoy sewing and crafting and vintaging. I am at my happiest when I do those things.

I've always loved collecting vintage. That's why I bought this home I am sharing with my daughter and 6 pups now---it's a vintage 1909 victorian. It's an awesome home and I plan to live in it for years and years to come. Anyways. I was battling for awhile to decide which 3 shops I should start back up first. Thought about the pouches shop but then after observing my daily activities,  it almost seems impossible to find time to sew anymore nowadays. So, I decided to reopen my vintage shop first. At least to get it going. Afterall, I love, love, love vintaging! So far, I have 60 items in my vintage shop. All those will be renewed in the next week. I will have at least 5-10 new vintage listed per day everyday for the month of February. My goal is to always have between 75 - 100 items listed on the store everyday.

The vintage shop will have few new categories--vintage linen and jewelries are some of them. The shop will have pretty much the same policy: refund for any shipping overage more than $1.
Customer service will be as stellar as usual.

My original shop, Downtown Girl Designs, will be reopened closer to April. Then the baby shop, Max and Olivia, will follow hopefully around June/July this year.

That's all the update I have for you.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like things are starting to look up for you Lita. Keep moving forward!!

Lita said...

Thank you Donnie!!! You're a wonderful friend :)