hello happiness!

Happy Thursday Friends!
This week has truly flown by. So excited the weekend is almost here. Little Miss and I don't have much planned. We'd love to do some vintaging on Saturday morning after our sweet breakfast. Then I'll be pretty busy organizing my Etsy shops. The vintage shop was just reopened yesterday (yay!). I have LOTS of inventories I need to photograph and to list.

My baby shop will be back in business around March or early April. So very excited. LOTS I have to plan for that shop! Hopefully I'll manage to get some stuff done while Little Miss is taking her afternoon naps.

The house could use a little cleaning and organizing this weekend. I will be using the "family room" as my office until my official office room is completed! The family room is quite large so it will do just fine. I am actually excited. I already have a huge desk in there where I will do my "office" works from. The dining room will be my unofficial sewing room for now. There is a huge, gorgeous, vintage dining table in there where my sewing machine is going to perch on. There is enough room in the dining room to cut and assemble fabrics together. I am keeping all my fabrics upstairs; however.

All this work talk is so exhilirating for me. Finally after months, I am able to seriously thinking about my shops again. I could always use the extra income :) And those are the things I absolutely enjoy doing, though I have the best day job ever now! (honest!). I just find it so nice that my day job is so stress-free that it is not draining my crafty brain. I love it.

Ok friends, I am happy today and it's a good thing!
Hope you find your happiness today as well :)

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