shops update....

Happy Monday!
Another beautiful day today. I feel blessed and very thankful just to be alive. Lots of fun stuff are planned for this week. It's a big week for me. The vintage shop is opening this week. I am planning for this Wednesday. I'm trying to polish up few little details tonight and tomorrow then DG Vintage is back to business this Wednesday evening! Yay for me.

If you love vintage jewelries, you definitely want to check out DG Vintage. LOTS of beautiful vintage jewelries will be listed this week. As always, I keep my prices reasonable. As a single mom, I know how challenging it is sometimes to juggle budgets buying neccessities while still have extra cash to look fabulous! Don't worry friends, you'll find prices on my vintage jewelries to be very budget friendly! And since you will be buying vintage jewelries, you can almost be sure that yours is one-of-a-kind!

Another update is that I am going to put DGD shop on hold for now. Sad decision but it is for the better. I'll be reopening my baby shop, Max and Olivia, between March-April this year. After much considerations, I am planning to focus my time and energy on my vintage and baby shop at the moment. The plan is to grow Max and Olivia into a baby + mommy online boutique. And that's going to take a whole lotta work lol! I am doing everything on my own while raising a toddler, living with 6 dogs, and holding a full-time office job. So, it's going to be a crazy busy for me.

Max and Olivia will not only carry pretty little things for babies but also for mommies too! Chic diaper totes, diaper wristlets, to-go pouches, some make-up bags for pretty mommies! They would make wonderful baby shower gifts not only for the baby but for the momma too. Why not make baby and momma happy, right ^__^

So, that's all the update for you right now. See you tomorrow!

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