letting go

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 On Saturday, I had to do one of the most difficult things I ever had to do: letting go my oldest furbaby, Charlie. He had kidney failure and was dying. It hurt to see him suffer. He didn't want to eat for days, could barely move, and lost so much of his weight that on his last day, he only weighed 26 lbs.

I had taken him to our regular vet before and they had informed me of the internal organ failure. His condition worsen within couple of weeks. On Saturday, I took him to a different animal hospital since our regular vet wasn't open. The vet ran a blood test and informed me that Charlie was actually on his way passing. There was very little they could do to keep him alive.

I made the decision to send my furbaby to heaven. I didn't want to see him suffering. I chose to be present when the vet administered the drug. They gave me time to say goodbye to Charlie. I hugged and gave him kisses. I thanked him for sharing his life with us and giving us joy throughout the last few years. I thanked him for being a good doggie.I asked him to wait for me in heaven.  

Charlie passed away in my arms that Saturday afternoon. My heart ached. But I knew that I had set him free to a better place that was awaiting for him.

Good bye my Charlie. Forever you'll hold that special place in my heart. Wait for me in heaven. One day, we'll be a family again.

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