Welcome February!

Say hello to February :)

Can you believe we are entering the second month of the year already? I am so very excited for this new month. Here's why:
**I am reopening my vintage shop
**Valentine's Day is this month!
**Lots of plans for decorating the house with my vintage finds
**Taking a break from spending major money to fix my vintage home!
**Visiting Lakeland to go to the annual sewing expo later this month.

So, yes my vintage shop is reopening this month! Yay
I have lots of cool vintage finds to list. If you love vintage, make sure you check out my vintage shop! I plan on slowly to reopen my two other shops in March - April of this year.
Things are kinda hectic at the house now, friends, so bear with me.

Yay for Valentine's Day this month. This year, I am going to celebrate the special day with my lovely daughter, Audrey. She is my forever Valentine. Not sure of what we're going to do yet. Perhaps we'll hang some pink pom-poms in her rooms and have special dinner at home for just the two of us. Or maybe we'll watch Elmo and Strawberry Shortcake movies.

As a vintage lover, you can almost certain that I have lots of vintage finds laying all over the house. Well, yes. Sorta. Almost everything in my house is vintage. I do mix them with modern pieces, however. Perhaps I should post pictures.....mmm....

Last year, I spent lots and lots of money: buying and fixing a vintage home. I managed to find a good house for great price so I paid cash for it. But the house did require some fixes, which cost money.
This year, I would like to earn those money back. I want to prepare a brighter future for my daughter. I'd like to provide her with everything she needs. Simple as that.

Ok friends, I need to start working on my to-do list!
I'll let you know when my vintage shop is opening okay :)

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