no sparks in her eyes...

The baby hasn't been feeling well this week. She still has her ear infection and her fever has been up and down. And this morning I knew something was wrong with her when I didn't see any sparks in her eyes. I was right. She started throwing up soon as I dropped her off at the daycare. I went to work thinking about her. I couldn't concentrate at work. How could I when I knew my child wasn't doing well. Around 9AM this morning the daycare called to tell me that Audrey was having 101 degrees fever. The lady asked me to come pick up Audrey right away. I wish I could drop everything and dashed to the daycare. But I have a job, remember. Yes. And for all of you working moms, you know how I feel. Unless your boss is Michael Scott from the Office; chances are you'd feel (almost) bad leaving work to get your baby. Especially since I already took a day off Monday to care for Audrey. I seriously don't know how working moms (with no family support in town) do it. I am at the point where I am thinking, this isn't going to work. I only have limited time-off left. But I took half-day off today anyways.

Soon as I brought the baby back home, I fed her and she has been sleeping for almost 3 hours now. The house is quiet. The dogs aren't barking much. It is raining outside.

I have come to a conclusion. Something has to change. I love Audrey to pieces. She is my everything. I want her to be well. I want her to grow up happy and healthy. I'd do anything in the world to give her that.


the perfect baby shower gift: handmade diaper bag

My friend's baby shower went great. That was lots of fun. Great foods, group of people, lots of gifts!! I made my friend, Christina, a special gift for her shower: a diaper bag. I've made bags before but never really a diaper bag. So, I designed a bag that would fit all the baby gadgets she is going to need to carry. We all know pretty diaper bags are hard to find. Honestly, I have never seen a diaper bag pretty enough to make me want to buy it. You can see the bag I made below. I even asked another friend of mine, Siobhan, to model it for me.

Details about the bag:
Front fabric: The Drawing Room from Anna Maria Horner
Body fabric: denim
Lining: pre-quilted fabric
Pockets: mustard colored linen backed with denim

15.5" wide
13.5" tall
5" deep
adjustable strap
6 total pockets (one on the front accented with teal-colored piping, 5 pockets inside the bag)

I designed the bag myself.
This bag is fabulous. It is big enough to carry all your baby stuff.
Can also be used for other purposes---laptop bag, school bag, office bag, you name it.
This bag is available for custom order ($75).
You can add more pockets or anything else you want for a small fee.


making gift for a friend...

The ladies at work are throwing a baby shower for one of our coworkers (she sits next to me at work! say hi to Christina!!) this Thursday. I will be bringing tomatoes dip and corn salad. But I am not blogging about those right now. I want to talk about the gift that I am (currently still trying to finish!!!!) going to bring to the baby shower. I don't think she reads my blog but anyhoo I don't want to spoil the surprise by saying what it is. I am still making it. Like I said, still trying to finish it. I have to say, I learned how to sew piping tonight. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I was a bit intimidated but now I tell you I can sew miles and miles of piping. I am hoping to be able to finish the gift tomorrow evening and then take a picture on the day of the baby shower? So classic of Lita. Always wait till the last minute to finish sewing project.
So anyways. Come back tomorrow. I hope to have an update on the gift!



6 months old...

My sweet baby, Audrey, is turning 6 months old today.
Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with her. She is an absolute happiness for me. Each day I pray for more time to be with her. Each day I thank God for sending her to me. She completes my life.

Happy 6-month birthday my Audrey...
May God always keep you in His arms.


i am not eating but i am happy.....

first she loved her foods....
now she doesn't want it at all...
and she thinks it's funny...


let's get this party started...

A stack of super awesome fabrics and the weekend are all I need right now. I have been planning, analyzing, and imagining in my head of what I am going to make this weekend with those fabrics. When inspiration comes to me, I have to do something. Fast.

Looking forward to crafting all weekend long!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


silence needed

tired. sleepy. exhausted. overworked.
too much noise.
i need to close my eyes.
i am going to stay silent. for now.


clean up...

Wow. For the first time in weeks, I finally finished all my craft projects. And that leaves my space looking like something just exploded in here. I want to tidy up. I need to. I have too much stuff! It's everywhere. I'm serious. I'd like to post pictures of mu craft room but not after I clean it up real good.

I asked my husband last night to get us a big desktop computer. Right now we each have our own laptop. But we plan on doing more stuff. My small company needs a small office too. Right now it is all over the place. And since our house is small, I have to be creative in finding the nook for it.

Anyways. Here are pictures of lovely spaces that make me want to pretyy up my own place.

These two images above belong to lovely design.
I love that blog. Sharilyn is an amazing woman. You should check out her blog. She writes about all the simple things in life that most people take for granted. And I love how she adores her daughter so much.

This one belongs to decor8.
Yah, I wish my space looks that pretty. Maybe if clean it up now....

handmade gift for a friend

I started making and giving my own handmade gift(s) ever since I started learning how to sew. I find joy in crafting gifts with my own hands. It is worth every smile I get in return.

This past weekend, I was invited to a friend's (also coworker) baby shower party. Of course I had to make her some handmade goodies for her soon-to-be-here baby boy.

There is baby blanket, receiving blanket, stroller blanket, and a set of burp cloths. Guess I really wanted to make sure the baby will be warm and cozy with all those blankets I made for him.

Then I wrapped them in pretty packaging.

p.s these items (or very similar) are available at my etsy shop


driving miss Audrey and one major accomplishment

I can't remember when it started but I like to sit in the backseat next to Audrey each time we go places with my husband driving the car. I like that I'm able to watch Audrey and if she needs something I can quickly get to her. I took this picture this afternoon. Most of the time she is just happy sitting in her carseat.

For couple weeks or so, Audrey has been trying to roll on her side and today during her morning nap, I caught her sleeping on her side!!! She had never done this before so this is a major accomplishment. I was so happy I had to take pictures. She will be 6 months on the 19th. I still can't believe she is going to be 6 months old very soon. My baby... she filled my life with so much joy. She is the reason I live my life to the fullest each and everyday.


reversible apron

Few months ago, a coworker of mine requested a custom made apron to give as a gift for her mother. She selected the apron style and fabrics from my fabric collection to make this reversible apron.

If you are interested in ordering one, send me an email. I have tons of fabrics you can choose from. This apron makes lovely gift!


look what I got...

I went to Michael's last Sunday to find that some of Martha Stewart's scrapbooking items were on sale! Oh what to do! I am a sucker for everything that has Martha Stewart's name on it. So, I bought some. The round stickers were $.99 each, the stripey stickers and the deco tapes were $1.49 each. I thought they would be perfect to pretty my shop's packaging. And at those prices, they were a steal!


vintage sheets

This past weekend, I went thrifting at the local thrift store in town. I was looking for vintage sheets and here are what I found.

They were $3 each and I already have several projects in mind to do using those sheets. I plan on making a picnic blanket using the dark pink + white checkered fabric (very top). Perfect for cool summer evening outing in the park. I am going to make vintage-style aprons, window curtains, and simple bags with the rest.


lovely packaging

Pretty packaging? umm, yes please.
Receiving these in the mail would make anyone's day, don't you think?

image source: creature comforts

image source: danielle thompson

image source: oh hello friend

Also, I had so much fun browsing through Etsy looking for some fun printable digital collages and rubber stamps to use for my shop's packaging. I have my eyes set on few items that I plan on purchasing this weekend. Fun stuff.