happy Friday!

from this lovely Etsy shop
from this lovely Etsy shop
Happy Friday friends!
Another lovely day here in North Florida. Being born in a tropical country, I am loving this warm Spring weather so much. 

I don't have much planned for the weekend actually. I have lots of organizing and cleaning to do in the house, umm what do you call it? Yep, spring cleaning LOL. My sewing room and Audrey's room were painted last weekend so I need to start organizing everything in both rooms this weekend. Also, the new vacuum I ordered from Amazon.com, Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner, arrived few days ago. I tried it right away and I have a feeling that I won't dread vacuuming chore anymore! Love that vacuum cleaner. 

I am definitely looking forward to another lovely Spring weekend. 
Kinda want to bake something but  not sure. I've been trying to eat healthier lately---lots of veggies and fruits. Summer is around the corner, so I guess you can say I am getting ready for the season :)

Speaking of getting things ready, I need to prepare my little baby shop for its relaunch in April. Two more weeks and shop will be open again. I am definitely bringing back my best sellers--bibs, burp cloths, blankets, wash cloths...But! I am also going to introduce at least a couple new items this April. 

The vintage shop needs to be taken care of as well. I should be able to list some vintage jewelries  this weekend. I have tons already and definitely need to start selling those! Though I am having fun playing with those jewelries. 
Ok lovely friends, have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you Monday :)


count your blessing...

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happy Thursday!
Oh where did the time go?
I've been hiding from the blog world. Been spending the last couple weeks brainstorming ideas. I need to be more aggressive marketing my little shops. Need to be more organized. Need to pay more attention to what sells.  I know for some, it might sound silly but I love my little shops. They are my babies. I want to grow them. I want to be a successful entrepreneur. Like my mom. She's my role idol! She is one kick-butt entrepreneur. One of the most hardworking women I know in my life.
Ok. So anyways.

Between organizing my little shops and taking care of 4 babies (yes, I count my 3 little doggies as my babies!), life can be chaotic sometimes. I am still loving my life, though. Everyday is a blessing. I am truly grateful for everything--big and small.
I realized that there are many of people out there who are in much worse situation than mine. I have nothing to complain about. I embrace every flaw. I count my blessing each and everyday. God has provided me with foods on the table and a shelter.

"with God, all things are possible" --- Mark 10:27


My Lucky girl....

from this Etsy shop

from this Etsy shop

My furbaby Lucky, my last black Labrador Retriever, went to heaven on Sunday morning, March 4. It was so sudden, I wasn't prepared for her departure.
She was about 5 years old.
My heart is still aching thinking about how much I'll miss her.

I remember the day Lucky came into our life. She was just a puppy, maybe about 3 - 4 months old. Saved from the streets of our neighborhood. My now ex-husband came home one day with her in his arms. He said to me, look, what I found!
And that was it. She became one of our furbabies.

Lucky was always playful and had the best attitude! Though, she was notorious for finding ways to get out of the backyard. But she always found her way home. She got along well with our other dogs--big and small. The sweetest, friendliest dog ever. She was also very gentle with my toddler daughter. I remember, my daughter would always pulled her tail then gave her a big hug. She'd tell her, "my Lucky....."
Even when Lucky was already gone, my daughter was still looking for her.

In 5 years of her life with us, we never once had to take her to the vet for any kinds of serious problems. The only times we took her to the vet were to get her annual shots (rabies, bordetella, etc). She was always healthy.

Our Jack Russell (also a rescue), Stash, was Lucky's best friend. These two could play all day! I know Stash will miss her very much. I'll miss Lucky's smile. The way she wagged her tail the way she looked at me when she wanted some treats, the way she jumped up and down whenever she felt happy, the way she played with Stash.... Growing up with little dogs, she thought she was small too. So she often liked to sit on my lap. Silly girl.

I know Lucky is now in heaven. Happy and carefree. Playing with Charlie and Yoda.
She'll wait for me there. One day, we'll meet again.

Be good in Heaven, my Lucky girl!


Happy Friday

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Happy Friday Everyone!
Wow. Another week has flown by. Can you believe we only have less than 2 weeks left this month? Soon Spring will be here. I don't know about you  but I am ready for a new season. But for now, let's enjoy this weekend first :) 
I have lots planned, just like what I wrote in my earlier post(s). I am going to a vintage-buying trip this weekend. I hope to find lots of goodies for my vintage shop. If you love vintage jewelries, get ready for new listings on my Etsy vintage shop this weekend. I am going to have a handful listed everyday starting tomorrow.

Sewing Expo is coming to Lakeland, FL next weekend (Thursday thru Saturday). I was planning on going but as of right now, it doesn't look like I will be going. I have been going for the last 3 years ... I believe. Fun stuff. Loved going to that event. I still very much would like to go, so we'll see. Perhaps I'll decide on last minute---I'm notorious on this! If I don't go, I'll stay home and take care of my little shops.

Have a great weekend friends!


Lovely Thursday

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 Happy Thursday everyone!
We are officially one day closer to the weekend! Hope you are all as excited as I am. 
It surely is going to be a busy weekend for me with lots planned for my little shops. It is a vintage buying weekend for me, so that means I get to travel places to find vintage for my Etsy shop. Perhaps one day I'd get to travel all over the world to do that but for now, I am going to travel to nearby places to find treasures! It's still fun though. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do! I love, love, love vintaging. I have vintage things all over my house. My little daughter is starting to love vintage as well, especially vintage jewelries. She loves to wear mine around the house. Precious. 
Overall, I am just so very excited for the weekend. Do you have anything lovely planned for this weekend?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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I just want to wish everyone a happy and lovely Valentine's Day!
May you find lots of love and happiness to give and to share today and always.