Lovely Thursday

from this lovely Etsy shop
 Happy Thursday everyone!
We are officially one day closer to the weekend! Hope you are all as excited as I am. 
It surely is going to be a busy weekend for me with lots planned for my little shops. It is a vintage buying weekend for me, so that means I get to travel places to find vintage for my Etsy shop. Perhaps one day I'd get to travel all over the world to do that but for now, I am going to travel to nearby places to find treasures! It's still fun though. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do! I love, love, love vintaging. I have vintage things all over my house. My little daughter is starting to love vintage as well, especially vintage jewelries. She loves to wear mine around the house. Precious. 
Overall, I am just so very excited for the weekend. Do you have anything lovely planned for this weekend?

from this lovely Etsy shop

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