Hello Friday!

from this lovely Etsy shop

from this lovely Etsy shop

Happy Friday everyone!
So glad the day is here. Things have been good in my little family's life for the most part but for the last month or so, some of my furbabies haven't been doing that great :/ Chewy, the wire-haired chihuahua, had to get surgery done 2 weekends ago. Then I found out Peanut, my oldest chihuahua, has cancer, while Charlie, my oldest Black Lab, is having internal organ problems. *Sigh

Last night I thought for sure was Charlie's last night with us. I was so sad. I sat next to him until he went to sleep. In the morning, he looked pretty weak. Poor Charlie. I have a feeling his time is coming soon :/
I have prayed to the Lord to give Charlie peace and comfort. If it is his time to go, I will let him go. I don't like seeing him suffering.

I have talked to the vet about Peanut and have decided that we're going to do a surgery to remove the  cancer mass on Peanut's neck and back leg. We're going to do it on the first week of March. Pray for him please.

Both Peanut and Charlie are my oldest furbabies. They have been the best furry friends ever. There will never be another one like them. When they go, I will miss them forever but I know that they'll wait for me in heaven. When I die, I want to be burried with a bag of doggie treat because I know I'll see my furry friends again up there and they'll want me to give them treats!

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