no sparks in her eyes...

The baby hasn't been feeling well this week. She still has her ear infection and her fever has been up and down. And this morning I knew something was wrong with her when I didn't see any sparks in her eyes. I was right. She started throwing up soon as I dropped her off at the daycare. I went to work thinking about her. I couldn't concentrate at work. How could I when I knew my child wasn't doing well. Around 9AM this morning the daycare called to tell me that Audrey was having 101 degrees fever. The lady asked me to come pick up Audrey right away. I wish I could drop everything and dashed to the daycare. But I have a job, remember. Yes. And for all of you working moms, you know how I feel. Unless your boss is Michael Scott from the Office; chances are you'd feel (almost) bad leaving work to get your baby. Especially since I already took a day off Monday to care for Audrey. I seriously don't know how working moms (with no family support in town) do it. I am at the point where I am thinking, this isn't going to work. I only have limited time-off left. But I took half-day off today anyways.

Soon as I brought the baby back home, I fed her and she has been sleeping for almost 3 hours now. The house is quiet. The dogs aren't barking much. It is raining outside.

I have come to a conclusion. Something has to change. I love Audrey to pieces. She is my everything. I want her to be well. I want her to grow up happy and healthy. I'd do anything in the world to give her that.

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