the perfect baby shower gift: handmade diaper bag

My friend's baby shower went great. That was lots of fun. Great foods, group of people, lots of gifts!! I made my friend, Christina, a special gift for her shower: a diaper bag. I've made bags before but never really a diaper bag. So, I designed a bag that would fit all the baby gadgets she is going to need to carry. We all know pretty diaper bags are hard to find. Honestly, I have never seen a diaper bag pretty enough to make me want to buy it. You can see the bag I made below. I even asked another friend of mine, Siobhan, to model it for me.

Details about the bag:
Front fabric: The Drawing Room from Anna Maria Horner
Body fabric: denim
Lining: pre-quilted fabric
Pockets: mustard colored linen backed with denim

15.5" wide
13.5" tall
5" deep
adjustable strap
6 total pockets (one on the front accented with teal-colored piping, 5 pockets inside the bag)

I designed the bag myself.
This bag is fabulous. It is big enough to carry all your baby stuff.
Can also be used for other purposes---laptop bag, school bag, office bag, you name it.
This bag is available for custom order ($75).
You can add more pockets or anything else you want for a small fee.


flora said...

what a lovely bag. I bet it was the hit of the baby shower! well done!

Downtown Girl said...

Thank you Flora ^_^
Some people asked me where I got the bag from LOL.
Compliments are nice ^_^
But the most important thing is that my friend, Christina, loved the bag!