count your blessing...

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happy Thursday!
Oh where did the time go?
I've been hiding from the blog world. Been spending the last couple weeks brainstorming ideas. I need to be more aggressive marketing my little shops. Need to be more organized. Need to pay more attention to what sells.  I know for some, it might sound silly but I love my little shops. They are my babies. I want to grow them. I want to be a successful entrepreneur. Like my mom. She's my role idol! She is one kick-butt entrepreneur. One of the most hardworking women I know in my life.
Ok. So anyways.

Between organizing my little shops and taking care of 4 babies (yes, I count my 3 little doggies as my babies!), life can be chaotic sometimes. I am still loving my life, though. Everyday is a blessing. I am truly grateful for everything--big and small.
I realized that there are many of people out there who are in much worse situation than mine. I have nothing to complain about. I embrace every flaw. I count my blessing each and everyday. God has provided me with foods on the table and a shelter.

"with God, all things are possible" --- Mark 10:27

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