My Lucky girl....

from this Etsy shop

from this Etsy shop

My furbaby Lucky, my last black Labrador Retriever, went to heaven on Sunday morning, March 4. It was so sudden, I wasn't prepared for her departure.
She was about 5 years old.
My heart is still aching thinking about how much I'll miss her.

I remember the day Lucky came into our life. She was just a puppy, maybe about 3 - 4 months old. Saved from the streets of our neighborhood. My now ex-husband came home one day with her in his arms. He said to me, look, what I found!
And that was it. She became one of our furbabies.

Lucky was always playful and had the best attitude! Though, she was notorious for finding ways to get out of the backyard. But she always found her way home. She got along well with our other dogs--big and small. The sweetest, friendliest dog ever. She was also very gentle with my toddler daughter. I remember, my daughter would always pulled her tail then gave her a big hug. She'd tell her, "my Lucky....."
Even when Lucky was already gone, my daughter was still looking for her.

In 5 years of her life with us, we never once had to take her to the vet for any kinds of serious problems. The only times we took her to the vet were to get her annual shots (rabies, bordetella, etc). She was always healthy.

Our Jack Russell (also a rescue), Stash, was Lucky's best friend. These two could play all day! I know Stash will miss her very much. I'll miss Lucky's smile. The way she wagged her tail the way she looked at me when she wanted some treats, the way she jumped up and down whenever she felt happy, the way she played with Stash.... Growing up with little dogs, she thought she was small too. So she often liked to sit on my lap. Silly girl.

I know Lucky is now in heaven. Happy and carefree. Playing with Charlie and Yoda.
She'll wait for me there. One day, we'll meet again.

Be good in Heaven, my Lucky girl!

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