evening stroll at the park

We love our city's parks. A weekend back, we spent an early evening strolling Memorial Park in Riverside and despite the warm weather, we still had fun. Audrey has always enjoyed being outside so she was all smiles when we took her to the park. She even loved watching the river with her daddy. I know this almost feels like a year away but I am so looking forward to Springtime next year. I expect Audrey to be able to walk by then and I cannot wait to take her to the park to have a simple but nice picnic. I might invite my good friends with babies same age as Audrey to join us. Now would that be fun? Life is sweeter when we share all the good things with others.

I love this picture of her looking all happy with excitement!

The man with 2 macaw birds. Aren't those birds pretty? They can't really fly far since their feathers are trimmed, said the man. One of the birds is 8 years old and the other is 13. He said that they live up to 28 years!!! Makes me feel better about owning dogs.

Today is Sunday and looking at these pictures make me want to take another stroll to the park later. Temperature outside is way too high right now plus I have some cooking and baking need to do while the baby is napping.

Hope your Sunday is fabulous!!


flora said...

what a cute face! sounds like a lovely sunday!

Stephanie said...

She's so cute!!