i heart etsy

Ahhhh.....Etsy.... who doesn't love Etsy.
Etsy is a revolution. I believe it is one the major driver for the (handmade) craft movement in this country. I remember I was already sewing when I opened my first Etsy shop. But at that time I didn't think I'd have the nerve to sell my sewing items on the site. I eventually braved myself making few things and listed them on my shop. And when they sold, I knew I wanted to sew more.

One of the many things I enjoy reading on etsy is their "Quit Your Day Job" article that is featured on their blog once a week. Every Monday afternoon, I look forward to reading the story. Each story gives me a boost. A punch. A confidence. A leap of joy. It never fails me. Each story is unique. Each story is so inspiring. I have huge admiration to each seller who has been featured. These are crafters who work so hard to make it happen. Each time I read the story, I secretly cheer for them. With determination, I tell myself, one day, I will get there. And who knows, Etsy might feature me!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

i've totally been thinking about starting up an etsy shop. but i am worried that my items are not unique and that other people can make what i make, but better!! i'm only a beginner at sewing and i want to sell accessories, but i want to stand out!

i do think your shop offers a great variety of products and you use the cutest fabrics!! you should quit your day job and go all the way!! i'm all for it!! :) any etsy advice u have for me would be greatly appreciated!