good stuff coming up

Friday, Friday! Yay.
So excited for this weekend. Lots of fun stuff to do. But first off, I want to mention some plans I have in mind.

First, through end of 2010, I will be hosting a weekly (yes! weekly) giveaway on this blog starting, Thursday, August 26, which is next week. I'll be giving away anything from item(s) from my shops to books to stash of fabrics to whatever I feel like giving away that week. Should be fun. I am excited and you should too! Giveaways will be open to everyone in the world. So make sure you mark your calendar!

Next is my plan to create a weekly sewing project. This is more like a personal thing I guess but I figured it doesn't hurt to post my project on my blog. I am thinking of making one new (personal) bag each week for a year. Maybe I should call it "52 Bags Project"? Or just "52 Bags". If you have any suggestions, leave a comment, please. I'd love to hear any suggestions from you.

And another one of my plans is to do a weekly post highlighting my favorite fellow Etsy sellers. Should be another fun thing to read. We can always learn from each other, right?

So that's all my plans for now. I am pretty excited. On another note, I am looking to hire someone to design 2 logos for my shops. If you are a graphic designer and would like to offer your service to me, send me a message with your price list and link to your portfolios.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you day is just lovely.

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