few things ...

I am so swamped with orders right now. Both from my Etsy shops and custom orders. Did I ever tell you having a baby is like having another full-time job? Sometimes I wonder when do I ever find the time to sew. Maybe I actually sew when I sleep. I don't know. It's like I magically produce all these things for my shops. I wish I had Doraemon. If you don't know him, just forget what I just said. But if you do know him, you know what I am talking about and I know you wish you had him too!! admit it.

So. After much thinking, I have decided to momentarily stop taking custom orders. I need to catch up on restocking my Etsy shops. They are looking pretty old right now. I keep on relisting things I sold. What I want is to list new things. Like a veggie shop, you want something fresh. I run three one-woman Etsy shops, though one of them doesn't require much work really (talking about my vintage shop). Yes it gets hectic for me sometimes.

I have few new things in the making right now for my Etsy shops---both baby and pouches shop. I want to introduce new items. Then have a giveaway here. I am also thinking of hosting giveaways at my bloggie friends's blogs. Should be fun, right?

And on top of all this madness, I am also thinking of creating a craft group. This is just a maybe. If I have the time. I envision of a craft group that meets once a month for 1 - 2 hour. Do fun and easy craft projects. Nothing serious. Swapping ideas. Connecting with other crafters in town. Oh and it has to be free. I mean, sure you have to bring your own supplies and all to the meeting but other than that, no fees to join. I'll give update on this later.


Sandy a la Mode said...

hi!! i see that you have restocked your shop and i just adore the fabrics you use! i would love to have a craft night with friends - wish we lived closer!

jozen said...

i know things can get pretty overwhelming at times. just take a deep breath and everything will work out!!!

take care!