happy to say....

Wheww. A week has passed by since last I posted here.
The fundraising event for baby Ayden Driggers was a HUGE success!! I am happy to report that. The salon (I believe) was able to raised about $3000. And my little shop that I set up inside the salon was able to raise $245!! WOOOHOOOOO!!
I gave the money directly to Nicky Driggers, Ayden's mom. Oh I got to meet her btw. I was so happy to finally be able to meet her. She is a very, very sweet lady and I truly admire her strength in dealing with this difficult situation. I told her I'd like to meet baby Ayden in person someday. She proposed a playdate and a reunion! How wonderful. I can't wait already :)

Another update I'd like to report: my Etsy shops has been able to raise a little more than $350!!!! Woooohoooo. So in total as of today: close to $600!! Wow. I am amazed by everyone's generosity. People keep on buying items from my shop to help Ayden. For those of you who has made purchase(s) through my Etsy shop for Ayden, huge THANK YOU for you!!! I am not related to the Driggers at all but I know how much this means for them. And I cannot wait to send the check to Ayden's family :)

I have 3 more days left to raise more money for Ayden. Please let everyone know about this :)

Happy Saturday!!

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jozen said...

awesome job lita! i am so proud of you!!