Vintage Lovelies

I love vintage.
I love the stories behind it. The history. The mystery. The facts. Everything.

It also happens that I married someone who shares the same passion for vintage. My husband and I go vintage hunting all the time. And most of the times, we find interesting vintage things.

Over the years, I've collected so many vintage finds and it got to the point where we didn't have enough room for them in our little house anymore. That's when I started selling some of my vintage lovelies on my Etsy shop. Now I love the idea of finding new homes for my vintage finds. The above picture is some of my new finds that some are already listed on my shop and some will be posted soon. I have few more lovelies, so you just have to check out my vintage shop to see them yourself!


Peter said...

i usually don't find many things, but she always finds something that is nice.

jozen said...

i LOVE your vintage shop.

i really do think that we were separated at birth :) i love your blog.. i was immediately enamored by it.

i will visit every day.

i'm so glad i found your blog, because i think i found a new friend!

Downtown Girl said...

@jozen: thank you ^_^ our house if full of vintage things. almost everything we have is vintage.