{Sewing Book Review} Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects For The Modern Sewist

For almost 2 months I had been wanted to buy this particular sewing book and finally, a week ago I ordered this book along with another one, which I'm going to review in another post, from Amazon.

Sew Liberated is written by Meg McElwee, a blog writer and sewing pattern designer. If you haven't heard of her, you should check out her fabulous blog where she talks about her daily adventures. Sew Liberated is her first sewing book and in this book, you'll find 20 projects ranging from apron to bag to baby carrier. So far, there are 2 projects from the book I want to try soon: Dapper Day Bag and Woodlawn Curtains.

I find that this book is more suitable for sewist who have some sort of sewing experience. Beginners might have to spend more time figuring out the instructions. But if you are up for a challenge, this book is for you. Experienced sewist will love this book as it gives a broad range of projects to do. All the projects are modern and very fun to do. I see some that are perfect to do for a weekend project. Overall, Sew Liberated is a good sewing book and I highly recommend it.


Sandy said...

I just got into sewing so it is great to read about what good books are out there! I will put this one on my Amazon list! I've only sewn two things in my life so far... a camera strap cover and fabric wallet. I will be posting about my fabric wallet on my blog soon!

Holly said...

Found your blog thru cakies. :) Lovely blog! I really want this book too, so it's nice to get a review. Thanks!!

jozen said...

i picked this book up and put it down... might have to pick it up again!!

thanks for the review :)

Downtown Girl said...

this is a great book. though like i said on my post, most of the projects are geared toward more experienced sewist. but you will find some that are easy enough to do as a weekend project.