happy Friday!

from this lovely Etsy shop
from this lovely Etsy shop
Happy Friday friends!
Another lovely day here in North Florida. Being born in a tropical country, I am loving this warm Spring weather so much. 

I don't have much planned for the weekend actually. I have lots of organizing and cleaning to do in the house, umm what do you call it? Yep, spring cleaning LOL. My sewing room and Audrey's room were painted last weekend so I need to start organizing everything in both rooms this weekend. Also, the new vacuum I ordered from Amazon.com, Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner, arrived few days ago. I tried it right away and I have a feeling that I won't dread vacuuming chore anymore! Love that vacuum cleaner. 

I am definitely looking forward to another lovely Spring weekend. 
Kinda want to bake something but  not sure. I've been trying to eat healthier lately---lots of veggies and fruits. Summer is around the corner, so I guess you can say I am getting ready for the season :)

Speaking of getting things ready, I need to prepare my little baby shop for its relaunch in April. Two more weeks and shop will be open again. I am definitely bringing back my best sellers--bibs, burp cloths, blankets, wash cloths...But! I am also going to introduce at least a couple new items this April. 

The vintage shop needs to be taken care of as well. I should be able to list some vintage jewelries  this weekend. I have tons already and definitely need to start selling those! Though I am having fun playing with those jewelries. 
Ok lovely friends, have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you Monday :)


ArigigiArt said...

Wonderful surprise, I am glad you chose just my picture among hundreds of thousands beautiful things on Etsy .
Thank you very much.

Lita said...

you're very welcome!
Your creations are lovely :)