on being a mommy.....

Nothing says tough work like being a mommy. I am not only a mommy to my precius little angel, Audrey (who just turned 2) but also to my six fur babies. It's a constant work. All day. Everyday.

Thanks heaven I have a healthy toddler.
My fur babies, however, are not doing so well lately. Peanut, my little chihuahua, was just diagnosed with tumor. Charlie, one of my black labs, is having issues with his internal organ. Both of them have lost significant weight in the last year.
Then last weekend, Chewy, one of my little chihuahuas, was accidently attacked by Charlie. I almost died when I saw her laying helpless in the driveway. Bleeding from her head. We had to take her to the ER vet last Saturday. She spent 2 nights at the ER. On Monday, I transfered her to my regular vet, Monument Road Animal Hospital (which is VERY, VERY awesome! highly recommend it!!! Dr Wilson is my favorite vet! Ever. The staff are super friendly and helpful). They monitored her progress and fed her foods. She came home last night and ate foods I gave her. I put her in my master bathroom and she walked around in there. I signaled her to sit on my lap and she did just that. What a good girl she was!! So proud of her improvement in short period. I hope she will keep doing better. I know she will. She is a fighter!!

I love being a mommy. Seeing my little babies happy. Giving them endless love. I'm tired 24/7/365. I am just human, so yes I complain sometimes and I am far from perfect. I make mistakes. There are days when I want to pull my hair. Or scream to the top of my lung. But when I sit down to catch my breath and look at my babies, I know that they love me too... endlessly.
Being a mommy: Love, love, love it!

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