part 2: handmade birthday party for the baby

We did it! After days of planning, we celebrated Audrey's 1st birthday party with friends. Birthday girl had a blast!! Still can't believe she is one now. Seems like it was just yesterday when I welcomed her into this world. She's been the greatest joy of my life. I love her with my heart and soul. Ok enough with the sappy opening, here are some pictures from the party!

My precious birthday girl with her own cake! She wasn't sure of what to do with the cake at first. Then she started smushing it and ate the icing!

Birthday cake! No, I didn't make it myself. I was going to but I was afraid I'd ran out of time so I ordered from a local bakery. They did a fabulous job! It was vanilla with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Surprisingly delicious and super soft!!! Everyone enjoyed it! I am not kidding.

Some sweet treats that I served. Most I made myself.

This is what the finished invitation looked like. Handmade! and no, they didn't look like 1st bday party invitation but I loved the look.

This is what the invitation looked like. The paper bunting was sewn on the card. I was going to order the invitation through Etsy but decided to make them on my own. I was happy with the result. Didn't take long to make at all.
Overall, I was really happy with how the celebration turned out. Audrey might not remember it but she will learn through pictures and stories that I will tell her one day. I promise myself that we'll celebrate our birthday each year on its own special way. Doesn't need to always throw a party but I want it to always be memorable. I, for example, like to take a day off from work on my birthday every year. My birthday is my personal holiday. The most important day of the year for me. The celebration of the time I arrived in this world. It is such a happy day.


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh how i LOVE the treats table! everything looks soo yummy!! :)

Unknown said...

You did an amazing job on her birthday party!