what's in the bag?

My new friend, Jozen, tagged me. So now it is my turn to show you what I have in my bag *gasp*!

Ok. Let's start.
Bag --- Bought from this Etsy seller. Took about a month to get it but it was worth the wait.
Small Diaper Keeper --- it's not the prettiest thing but it's ok for now. I'll be making my own soon.
Johnson's Melt Away Stress handlotion --- my hands are always dry and I looooove this lotion for its moisturizing effect and its scents (lavender + chamomile).
Hand Sanitizer --- you never know!
Small Card Wallet --- from Coach. Was on sale otherwise couldn't afford it.
Deer Coin Purse --- handmade it myself. I sell them at my etsy shop!
Brown Wallet --- from Coach. Again, was on sale.
Compact Powder --- Lancome. I don't use it that often, actually. Just for touch-ups. I use Bare Mineral make-ups.
Red Dots Make-Up Pouch --- handmade it myself. Again, more are available at my shop.
Lip Balms --- 3 different ones! Chapstick, Beeswax Lipbalm (from Savannah Bee Company), Beeswax Liptint Balm (from Savannah Bee Company).
Tide Pen --- you never know!
Cellphone --- should be in museum by now. I'm not a tech-y person (unlike my husband who seems to have the latest cellphone). Bought this phone from Ebay for less than 50 bucks few years ago. As long as it rings, can do bit of texting... I am good.
Pocket Tissue --- well, again... ya never know!

Well, that's it. Sometimes I keep a coupon or two in my bag too and some old receipts but they get tossed out once a week.
What's in your bag?


Sandy said...

CUTE! i love your bag and the pretty fabrics of your wallet and coin purse! this was such a fun activity! i posted mine today too!

jozen said...

oohh.. i love bayan hippo bags. been eyeing a few myself... BUT i don't need any more bags!! LOL