Book Review: Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes

I purchased this book several weeks ago from Amazon and I have to say I am attracted to buy this book because I love making bags and pouches. If you are a new sewist who wants to learn about bag making, this book will be great for you.

The first chapter of this book gives you a lot of explanations of different types of fabrics to make bags, all the neccessary equipments, various fabric terminologies, and embellishments to pretty your bags.

The second chapter explains a lot of the how-tos. I find the information very, very useful. Then you can begin your projects from chapter three forward.

There are 18 pattern-free projects in the book. Again, this is a pattern-free book!The good thing is that you can customize any project any way you want it. The not-so-good thing is, well, there are no patterns provided. Don't be discouraged though because the majority of the projects are fun and fairly easy to do. This book is also filled with pretty pictures to keep you motivated. For under $20 (if you buy from Amazon.com), this book is worth the purchase.


jozen said...

i LOVE bags and little pouches. actually i think i buy too many!! HAHA

when i get home today, i'm going to start putting a package for you! hope you like it :)

Downtown Girl said...

awwweee Jozen, you are too sweet!
I'm still trying to compose a package for you. Hopefully I will be done by this weekend ^_^

jozen said...

you've been tagged by me!