happiness.... at last!

After almost a year of gloomy days, I am finally feeling happiness again. I feel love and joy everyday. Life is wonderful again.
Here are few reasons why I am happiest at the moment:
_ moving into a gorgeous victorian house I absolutely, positively love
_ my beautiful toddler
_ being reunited with my 6 fur babies
_ realizing that I have the most amazing (and laid back) job I ever had in my entire life!
_ starting a business I have dreamed to start for years
_ finding a new hobby (photography) that feeds the artsy side of me

My life is almost perfect. It is filled with the perfect people who love me as much as I love them. Everyday I am reminded by how much I am loved. I am not looking back anymore. The future is so bright. I am so, very happy.

I love my life....

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