33 reasons I love being a mother

1. Playing doll is totally acceptable.
2. Acting silly is fun again. 
3. I get to watch Disney's Princess movies over and over and over and over again. Or Strawberry Shortcake. 
4. Spending almost $500 on Walt Disney World's annual pass is perfectly justified.
5. I get to ride Dumbo and Mad Tea Party without getting weird stares from strangers.
6. Baby talk is actually fun. 
7. Tea party is twice as fun. 
8. Don't have to feel guilty about buying cupcakes cause you know I'll be sharing them with the babe. 
9. I get to create my own make-believe stories. 
10. Having a messy house is totally excused.
11. I read more children's book. 
12. I won't be alone for the next 18 years. 
13. Strolling around the toy aisles is totally fine now. 
14. My house has  more colors. 
15. Playing legos is fun again. 
16. Teaching the babe new words is precious. 
17. Buying cute little clothes that I wish my mom had bought for me when I was little. 
18. My baby is one of the reasons I take photography as my new hobby.
19. Therefore, I have the perfect excuse for spending $2200 on a camera. 
20. Pushing stroller at a park has become a new form of exercise. 
21. Who knew peek-a-boo could be so much fun!
22. I have an instant friend. 
23. Don't have to sleep alone at night. 
24. Everyday is a new learning day. 
25. Realizing that I am on earth for a reason or two. 
26. All of the sudden I look 10x cuter holding a cute baby in my arms. 
27. I eat more veggies and fruits. 
28. We get our own lane at the airport check-in line! awesome. 
29. Taking naps on weekend is totally cool. 
30. Realizing that I have so much love to give. 
31. Learning the new meaning of love. 
32. It's a good feeling knowing that someone is always happy to see you at the end of the day. 
33. Realizing that my life has a whole new dimension to it. 

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