vintage inspiration

I came accross that lovely pic above while browsing around apartment therapy's site. Don't you love it? I love the "handmade" side table. I might just have to copy that look for my own bedroom. I happen to have a vintage suitcase (ivory) that I can use.

Gosh now I want to revamp my place. But I am on a budget. I still need to find 2 white bookshelves and a white dining table (to serve as large work area) for my sewing studio. I did find a super cool white dining table from overstock a while back but then it sold out a week later. I am still kicking myself in the butt for waiting too long to purchase it. Such a great price too ($168 + free shipping!!). I might hit my favorite vintage shop in town next weekend. Who knows I might find a cool one there.

Also, few weeks back, I bought a couch from Craigslist. It is a lovely light blue couch. Came from a good home. I am happy with the purchase. I love the couch but not the pillowcases that came with it--such boring plain pillowcases. So, my hands are itching to make some handmade pillowcases for my lovely blue couch. Will post the before and after pics once I am done. For now, I have some zipper pouches to make!!


Anonymous said...

The picture of the room is so cute. I'll have to check this website out. I love vintage and so does mum, so I always try to find things according to that. Good luck with the pillows.



Downtown Girl said...

hi Chika-san!
Thank you for stopping by ^_^
And yes, I still plan on making the pillows this weekend :)
Can't wait to post the pics once they are all done.