new changes

I apologize for the patchy postings on my blog. I have been very busy for the last 2 weeks. Seems like when things happen, they happen all at once. Thankfully, it is a good thing.

A lot is happening with my little shops. A new baby boutique that just opened in town offered retail opportunity for me, which of course I gladly took.

I am planning to revamp my 2 Etsy shops --- the main one and the baby one. The main shop will have a new (fresher) feel. The baby shop's transformation will take a little longer as I'm still working on fulfilling order from the local baby boutique. However, I'm super excited for it. I'll be better prepared for the holiday shopping rush this year than last year. It was a nightmare last year (note: I was very pregnant during the holiday season last year).

So, get ready for some new changes. I mean, it won't be totally different but it'll still be nice changes.

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