on my reading list....

The magazine is mine --- bought at JoAnn with my 40% off coupon (score!). The other 2 books are borrowed from the library. Stitch magazine is awesome. I love that magazine. Yes, it costs a fortune (for a magazine! $14.99 a pop with no coupon) but it's worth the price. In this edition, you'll find TONS of fun and easy projects that you can make your own. There is also a free pattern from Oliver + S. That alone I think is a steal!

You know, most of the times I like to read a design book just to give me ideas and inspiration and I don't actually make anything from the book. "Carry Me" book is that kind of book for me right now. The book is filled with lots of sewing patterns and bag designs--pretty to look at but don't think I am going to make any of them. I could if I want to but reading it is enough to give me lots of inspiration. I like to read the how-to section because I can always apply that knowledge to my next sewing project. I'd say this book is more suitable for advanced sewist. The bags are lovely and they look very upscale-ish!

For those of you who sell crafts online (or even offline!), I highly recommend the the last book I am reading, "The Handmade Marketplace". It is filled with basic yet important online selling tidbits. Lots of details. And tons of suggestions from real-life successful crafters from around the globe. I am not finished reading this book yet but already I learned a great deal of online-selling abc's.

Ok. I am off to reading some more....


Ashley said...

I love that magazine you higlighted! I might have to pick that up this weekend!

Check out my first baby dress that I completed for my best friend's little girl! So cute for summer!


jozen said...

i picked up the book! i loved the cover!