praise Jesus....

I seriously don't know what to say right now other than Praise Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St.Anthony for interceding my prayers!! I spent sleepless night praying and Lord have mercy on me for He has helped my baby, Audrey, to get through the worst time and to keep her safe.

MRI result came back very good. The fluid that was shown during cat scan turned out to be crystalized blood from an old injury. Pediatrician confirmed it was an injury that happened when Audrey was delivered. The dr who delivered her had to use a forcep to pull her head out and that caused some kind of head injury to my poor baby. The small skull fracture that was seen on cat scan result is also from that same time. The good thing is the fracture is healing properly.

The fall yesterday didn't result in any major injury other than bruises on Audrey's forehead and knee.

The pediatrician has advised for us to monitor Audrey's development for the next few days. We also need to schedule a follow up visit to the dr's office sometime next week.

For now, the worst is over. Audrey is resting peacefully. She has eaten twice since she woke up from the MRI. They had to sedate her so right now she is feeling pretty drowsy.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone so very much for your kind supports and prayers. They all helped me to get through the worst time. I'll be praying tonight thanking Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St.Anthony for holding my hands during the tough time and for keeping my baby safe. I know they'll always be there when I need them.


jozen said...

praise jesus, he really did answer our prayers.

love to you and baby audrey.

Stella said...

I'm so glad your little one is safe! I too have a young baby and I've never been so scared in life as I am when anything threatens to go wrong! (Is it just me or are there a LOT of scary drivers out there!). Glad to hear that all is well