Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabrics and new sewing patterns

A few weeks ago, I ordered some of Heather Bailey's newest fabrics from her new line Nicey Jane. I have to tell you, I love, love, love her new collection! I've always been her fan anyways but her new line is awesome. I love the way her fabrics feel and look.

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see the pattern style on her new line. A bit different from her last collection. My first introduction to Heather's fabric was through her Pop Garden collection. I remember admiring the bright and dramatic patterns on her fabrics, in which some became my all-time favorites. So for the longest time I had always associated Heather with the vibrant and dramatic pattern element. Until recently. And actually, some of the new fabric patterns remind me of patterns on her first fabric line, Fresh Cut, which has been discontinued.

Now, moving on to the sewing patterns. I also happen to just bought 2 of Heather's newest mini sewing patterns, Smart Girl Book Bag and Effie and Ollie Elephant pin cushions or toys. I am mostly excited to try to make the Smarty Girl book bag (with my new Heather's fabrics!). As of the mini elephants, the plan is to make several of them and turn them into baby mobile for Audrey.

Ok now as a reminder, don't forget to enter the giveaway. You don't want to miss it! Also, remember, there'll be more giveaways in the coming weeks on my blog, so check back often!


jozen said...

hi lita!
just wanted to say that i love your blog!

we have a lot in commom, i love pink, i am a fabricholic, i am a mom to 2 little girls and my hubby takes me to fabric shops/craft shops all the time without one complaint!!

so glad i found your blog :)

from your newest follower...

Sandy said...

i love heather bailey fabrics!! they remind me of amy butler's as well! i just love how girly, fresh and colorful they are. i am just getting into sewing so i am obsessed with all things fabric and thread these days!!

Downtown Girl said...

@jozen: thank you. visited your blog and loved it! we do indeed have lots in common!
@Sandy: heather's fabrics are awesome. you'll love sewing. and you might end up becoming a fabricaholic like me! lol

jozen said...

blogged about your giveaway!

jozen said...

hee hee. email me at jozpascual(at)hotmail(dot)com :)