so many things to do so little time...

I am 37 weeks pregnant by now. I am excited to welcome our first baby. Up to now, I am still sewing things for my shop. I do get tired faster though so I work in a slower pace now than I used to.

My husband is trying to get my craft room done before Christmas. So far it looks really good already. I am hoping I can start moving all my stuff in there by tomorrow or Christmas morning. Will post pics of the new craft room for sure.
I am very excited about decorating it. I do have most furnitures to go in it ready already--using what I already have mostly. I am sewing the curtains for the windows myself. I am also planning on making my own small floor mat to go under my big sewing table.

Also, since I will be delivering the baby soon, I am planning on taking my maternity leave from my shops to start January 7 or 8 until the baby is born (due date is January 10).

In the meantime, feel free to browse around my Etsy shops. As of right now, I can squeeze in 2 - 3 custom orders in case you'd like to have some custom made baby items or any other handmade goodies.


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